Young BPW Europe

We need more young BPW in Europe

Dear Presidents and Members of BPW Europe,

The European Coordination  Committee is proud to publish here the Newsletter of the First  Young BPE Europe Symposium.

We dedicated a lot of care to this Newsletter, to stop, in three pages, the beautiful memories and the most interesting moments.

Many thanks to all the Young women, who made possible this event, with their commitment and their passion!

Are you

10 Tips - Through BPW you can:

  • a student?
  • just starting or early in your career?
  • wanting to develop into a leader in your chosen career?
  • wishing to create or develop your own business
  • looking for the right balance between your professional and personal lives?
If you answered ‘Yes’ to two or more of these questions and are a woman under the age of 35 then …

…why not consider joining Business and Professional Women (BPW), a community of 30,000 members across 96 countries in world?

We can help you!
  1. Meet and engage with role models and inspiring leaders.
  2. Expand your network of personal and professional contacts.
  3. Get help in planning your future and how best to carry out your plan.
  4. Try out new things and develop your skills through learning by doing.
  5. Join in many events and seminars at a local, national and international level.
  6. Obtain training and mentoring in professional and business matters.
  7. Get together with other women just like you to meet and have fun.
  8. Gain and increase your self-confidence.
  9. Become more and more successful in your chosen career or business.
  10. Make a real difference to your life.

Young BPW are all BPW members up to the age of 35. Usually they are members in of the local BPW Club, and enjoy the local and national program.

Additionally there are programmes geared towards Young BPW either at national level, when there is a good group of Young BPW working together, or integrated in European and International BPW events, such as the International or European Congresses.

It is possible to organise theme-focused workshops and training seminars on e.g. Negotiation Skills, Meetings with Senior Managers as Role Models, forums on national and international issues, symposiums, and local Young BPW get-togethers. The main objective is to encourage the exchange of ideas and information…

All Young BPW in Europe are encouraged to contact the Young BPW Europe and join the Young BPW network.