Business & Professional Women Europe

Equal opportunities and status for women in the economic, civil and political life. BPW Europe is the strongest region within BPW International with more than 18.000 members in nearly 31 countries, which was founded in 1930 in Geneva by Lena Madesin Philips. BPW holds a consultative status at the UN and at the European Council.

What we do

Regional Networks

Within the European region, we host several sub-regions in DACH, Mediterranean, Adriatic and Danube region.

Working Groups

BPW Europe hosts six working groups that represent interdisciplinary project teams that provide guidance and services such as Leadership Trainings and Webinars.

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Regional Events

Every year during spring, we meet at the so-called Presidents Meeting and Young BPW Symposium and every 3 years, we meet for the biggest event: the Regional Conference of BPW Europe.

Policies and Lobbying

BPW members play an active role in advocating equal opportunities for women by assuming Board mandates at the European Women’s Lobby.


Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success