Each region is appointed with a Regional Coordinator of BPW International and a dedicated team which forms the Executive Council of BPW Europe (previously called: European Coordination Committee (ECC)) for each triennium. The regional coordinators are elected during the General Assembly of BPW International and are in charge to coordinate all matters with the Affiliate Federations in their region.

The Executive Council includes the role of the Chair (regional coordinator), Secretary, Treasury Officer, Communication Officer and Young BPW Representative, that becomes the Executive to manage all affairs for BPW Europe.

Anu Viks Regional Coordinator BPW Europe 2021 - 2024

Anu Viks (ESTONIA)

Regional Coordinator BPW Europe 2021-2024, Chair of Executive Council

My homeland is Estonia, a lovely seaside country in North-East of Europe with innovative mind and creative people. I am the member of BPW Estonia since 2002 and have been the President of my local Tallinn Club for three years and the President of BPW Estonia 2015-2018. My first connection with BPW was through the BPW Europe Conference that took place in Tallinn Estonia in 2000. I was involved as a young help to host different delegations who arrived to the Conference. Since then I have been a devoted member of BPW. In 2018 I joined the BPW Europe Leadership and Lifelong Learning Taskforce as the Trainer https://bpw-lll.weebly.com/ and have carried out many successful training programs in life and virtually.

Carmen Taheny

Carmen Taheny (Ireland)

Secretary 2024-2027

I was born in Galway Ireland; I work as a Corporate Account Manager for a Children’s Charity. I am married to Tom and I have 3 daughters. In 2009, I joined the board of the National Executive of BPW Ireland as Club Representative and European and International officer to BPW Ireland. As President of BPW Galway 2010-2011 I was actively involved in co-ordinating many events for the Club and its members including; The Business Women of the Year awards as well as the Career Woman of the Year Awards, liaising with key contacts in businesses and the City and County Enterprise Boards.

Mariane Pontone (Germany)

Treasury Officer 2024 - 2027

After more than 10 years working as a communication manager for global corporations, I started my own business as a language consultant while living in Sweden. I first joined BPW in Malmö, Sweden and have been an active member ever since. I have been a board member of the Munich Club for 10 years, and its president for 6 years. I’m also engaged in various task forces within BPW Germany. I love to work in teams, meet new people and work in an international environment. That’s why after many years of engagement at local and national level, I am excited to contribute to the activities of BPW Europe. I was born and grew up in France, but I now live in Munich, Germany.

Valentina Ceban (Moldova)

Communication Officer 2024-2027

I earned a Master's degree in Business Administration after graduating in Economics. My journey in entrepreneurship began during my university years and has continued ever since. Through my technical skills and determination, I've attained leadership roles, constantly striving for the best results while balancing my personal life with motherhood, job performance, and business success. My passion for women's rights led me to join BPW Moldova in 2011, where I championed the motto 'Women for Women.' Additionally, I have served as a coordinator for over 120 projects across various organizations and associations. Currently residing in Zurich, I've become a member of BPW Zurich Club while maintaining my dedication to supporting Moldova from afar through my involvement in USAID projects and business consultancy. I've specialized in Marketing, Communication, and Cybersecurity, all while remaining committed to Project and Event Management.

Anna Zimmermann (Germany)

Young BPW Europe 2024-2027

I am proud to be part of the Executive Council and I am looking forward to everything that lies ahead. I have been a member of BPW since spring 2021 and have been actively involved from the very beginning. In 2022, I made sure that there was an official position for the Young BPW on the BPW Frankfurt board. I was the first to fill this position before becoming the second chairwoman of BPW Frankfurt. From now on, I look forward to helping shape Young BPW at European level and actively involving and supporting young women. I believe that together we can achieve so much and have a positive impact on the future for everyone. In my professional life, I am a personnel and organizational developer and have founded an internal women's network to bring women together. No matter where I am, I always stand up for equal participation of women. So let's get to work.

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Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success