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BPW AdrionNet

The network for businesswomen in the EUSAIR Region (Italy, Greece, Croatia)

The BPW AdrionNet is the widest Network of Business and Professional Women in the Adriatic-Ionian Territory. It has 304 clubs in Italy, Croatia and Greece, with 11.500 members. BPW AdrionNet is geographically identical to EUSAIR. 

BPW Pula, together with Initial committee of BPW FIDAPA Italy, Greece and Croatia representatives, and BPW Club members of the AdrionNet Region organise regular Network activities.

  • The First Forum BPW AdrionNet was held in Athens, Greece, Friday 19th, October 2018, under auspices of Athen’s Chamber of Commerce, and hosted by President BPW Athens Ioanna Lagoumidou. The Topics of the Forum was Women Entrepreneurship  – New  Horizons . Report on:

  • The Second Forum BPW AdrionNet was held in Benevento (Italy) on 21st March 2019, under auspices of University Sannio and hosted by FIDAPA BPW Italy. The Forum was held as a part of the event  Women In Business Female Entrepreneurs And European Economic Development, in programme Kinetes.
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  • The Third Forum BPW AdrionNet was held in Pula ( Croatia) on 2nd October 2020. under auspices of President of the Republic of Croatia and Croatian Parliament, and fully organized by the inspired team of BPW Pula. Due to pandemic, the Forum was held for the first time in a hybrid form. Full report on: 

  • The Fourth Forum BPW AdrionNet was held in Palermo (Italy) on 24th September 2021 by Alida Perkov, chair of BPW AdrionNet, with BPW Italy and coordinated by Giuseppina Seidita, Vice President Membership BPWI and Vice Chair AdrionNet. An event that has left its mark, with the motto “Encouragement and Promotion of Women Entrepreneurship in Adriatic Ionian Region”, and that has allowed BPW Italy to make known to women from different European countries virtually connected to the entrepreneurs of the AdrionNet network and their valuable work within the AdrionNet network.
    Full report can be downloaded here.

The EU Strategy for the Adriatic and Ionian Region (EUSAIR) is a macro-regional strategy adopted by the European Commission and endorsed by the European Council in 2014. More about EUSAIR: 

AdrionNet Memorandum

BPW DACH Deutschland-Schweiz-Österreich

The network for businesswomen in the German-speaking Region

The DACH region hosts a regional German-speaking gathering every 2nd year. The aim is to foster the business network and bring women from that economic region together. The host location is rotating between Austria, Germany and Switzerland for every 2nd year.

Most recent event was hosted by Switzerland:

Here’s the summary and presentation of the event on 23-24. September 2022 and Programme and Photo Library.

BPW Danube Net

The network for businesswomen in the Danube Region

Foundation of the BPW Danube Net in 2006 in Budapest!
Since 2006 the BPW Danube Net is the network for business women in the Danube region with strong connection to BPW AdrioNet, BPW Italy and BPW Turkey. The objective is to bring together the decision makers of this region to exchange know-how and best practices and to introduce to the members and participants business-, network- and learning opportunities. Since 2015 BPW Danube Net is member of the EUSDR PA8 steering group.

Read more about our partnership and woman in digital economy.


  • Contribution to the economic development of the Danube Region
  • A platform for open up new business opportunities and cooperation
  • Sharing professional expertise and experiences
  • Intercultural exchanges
  • Increasing awareness of BPW

BPW Danube Net businesswomen Forums 2006 – 2019

2014 Istanbul / Turkey 
2011 Belgrade / Serbia
2010 Pula / Croatia
2009 Munich / Germany

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success