BPW Europe Working Groups Overview

Here you find an overview of BPW Europe’s working groups – interdisciplinary projects driven and lead by BPW members in the region.  BPW Europe regularly recruits new members to join the working groups – so if you’d like to play an active role in the region, these are your next steps:

  1. Get informed – click on the buttons below to read more about the mission and purpose of each working group
  2. Contact with your BPW Country (Co-)President(s) who will need to agree with your nomination
  3. Send a short motivational letter and CV to the working group leads:
  • Charter of the Girls’ Rights: pinellabombaci19@gmail.com
  • Equal Pay Day: karine.babule@bpw.fr 
  • Green & Sustainable: siiri@siromo.ee
  • Learning for Leadership: Conny.Montague@t-online.de
  • Women on Boards: j.rimke@intravires.eu
  • Women Empowernment Principles: dovile.koncak@raitgroup.com

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