Our Goal

The Working Group Learning for Leadership specializes in educational programs for women developed by experienced international women. Our goal is to provide BPW members and non-members with affordable up-to-date training to support them in their professional life.

It is our belief that in addition to changing the political and societal climate for women in business, it is also of vital importance to help them with their further career development and learning.


The Task Force is responsible for the PEP (Personal Empowerment Program) training as well as for the new Leadership Training for Women.  Members of the Task Force also give presentations and workshops at various BPW events. In addition to developing educational programs, our aim is to share experience and best practice in education and training in different countries as well as mutual support.

Photo from left to right: Conny Montague (BPW Germany), Sheerah Kim (BPW Switzerland and Singapore), Ann Wood (BPW Switzerland), Sabine Grosser (BPW Germany), Petya Nenova (BPW Switzerland), Anu Viks (BPW Estonia)

Digital Leadership Training

The Task Force of Leadership and Lifelong Learning has prepared a digital Leadership Training Program for Women. The training program is beneficial for all our members and potential future members. The program was developed:

  • To help BPW meet SDG 4: Quality Education
  • To offer an affordable and high-quality leadership program developed by international women for international women
  • To give our members something positive and constructive to start the year 2021
  • To make digital networking around a relevant topic possible for all members and future members
  • To help you as presidents with the development of leadership skills within your own team and organization

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success

Learn how we helped 100 top brands gain success