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The world we live in, is in constant change. At an ever-increasing pace, we need to keep up with
technological innovations, replace outdated norms with sustainable ways of thinking, while coping
with an increasing flood of information. So how to make good choices in this world under these
conditions? How to care for ourselves and for the surrounding environment? How to not lose
ground? How to create change in society’s values? How to create and support green business?

At first glance, the ambition of a green and sustainable world does not quite seem to fit as
subject-matter for a women’ career network. At the same time, it is a matter that concerns
everyone in this world.

Obviously we women can only make a difference and shape a green and sustainable world, if we
take action. Only that way we can shape the future world with female context. If we want women
to lead sustainably tomorrow, we need women that are aware of the problems of Mother Earth
today. Knowledge about this will decide who will be a future leader and who not.

Our goal is to mold and shape sustainability from a women’ perspective.
That‘s why we are starting here and now with:


Green and Sustainable BPW EUROPE invites all interested parties to build awareness for this topic and to actively participate in the new movement “Together For A Green and Sustainable World”.

In this European-wide movement, Green and sustainable BPW Europe acts as an umbrella
organisation of the national BPW Clubs and provides a platform for regional clubs to create
awareness, share knowledge and develop sustainable solutions together for a sustainable green
world in political, economic and civil life. We therefore organize lectures, events, workshops, even
company visits in the sectors:

– Sustainability in Politics
– Sustainable Economy & Industries
– Sustainable Awareness & Lifestyle


On April 22, the world celebrates Earth Day. Since 1970, this has been the occasion for raising environmental awareness and bringing attention to concerns related to the wellbeing of our planet. Observed annually, one month after the spring equinox, Earth day marks the anniversary of modern environmental consciousness and dedicated care for the planet.

BPW is stepping up to promote the message of sustainability and encourage individual responsibility and action in women everywhere. Through our networks, we will do our part to draw attention to the pressing issues that the environment is faced with, seek solutions by informing ourselves and examining our own contribution to environmental welfare, and more specifically – invite women leaders and women everywhere to join us in making pledges of sustainability for the year ahead. 
On April 22, 2021, BPW International launches its Earth Day campaign. The main action driving the campaign is the following: women give a pledge to Mother Earth that they intend to follow during the course of the year leading up to the next Earth Day.
  • A woman who participates will take a photo or video of herself ‘holding the world’ in her hand, as if keeping it safe. This visual can be achieved by drawing the shape of the planet on one’s palm, holding a globe or a ball with earth-inspired graphics on it, printing off an image of the globe as provided in the present communication kit, or editing the planet into your photo digitally.
  • We also highly encourage video submissions of a few seconds with a similar visual (holding the globe, printed image, or showing the drawn-on shape to the camera), accompanied by a spoken pledge. Please find examples of the intended photos and videos in the kit.
The photo should be posted on social media (Facebook or Instagram) along with a pledge caption (“I promise to…” or “Holding the Earth by…”), using hashtags #HoldingTheEarth, #WomenForMotherEarth, #EarthDayPledge, #GreenBPW.
A special chant will be created and released on Earth Day, which can be shared on social media and other channels you see fit (the files/links will be shared before the launch of the campaign). The chant was co-created by BPW Estonia members and friends, and serves as an empowering, rhythmic backdrop for the campaign.

The Pledge to Mother Earth on the Earth Day

Instructions: How to make a pledge

Decide on the promise you wish to make – a sustainable lasting change you can bring to your everyday life, big or small.
Create the visual of you holding a globe. To achieve this, you can (1) pick up a globe or a ball with globe-like graphics; (2) draw a rough shape of the Earth on your palm; (3) print off an image of the globe and cut it to fit in your palm; or (4) find an image of the Earth online and edit it digitally into your photo.
Take a photo of yourself, holding the Earth up in one hand (or showing the palm of your hand into the camera).
Post the photo on your social media of choice (Facebook, Instagram), using one or all of the campaign’s hashtags #HoldingTheEarth, #WomenForMotherEarth, #EarthDayPledge, #GreenBPW. Add a pledge to your photo as a caption. You could begin with “Holding the Earth by…” or simply “I promise to…”
Alternatively, you can take a short video with a similar visual – you holding the Earth – and give a spoken pledge. Don’t forget the hashtags!
Keep your promise to Mother Earth and keep an eye out for exciting follow-ups in the course of the year! You are now part of the green wave of sustainable female leadership and action. Thank you for holding the Earth!
(Link to the Facebook event which is created by EUROPE FB manager)
Siiri Tiivits-Puttonen
Earth day image