Events 2012

You find more details about Equal Pay Day activities on our new webpage:
Equal Pay Day Webpage

Equal Pay Day Dates 2012:

2nd March - 2nd European Equal Pay Day

5th March - Roundtable at Donetsk Regional Television organized by BPW Donetsk
7th March - National Equal Pay Day in Switzerland
15th March - National Equal Pay Day  in France 
23rd March - National Equal Pay Day in Germany
26th March - Event of BPW Belgium
29th March - BPW Sofia, Bulgaria, Event: Equal Pay and Equal Opportunities for Men and Women. The Situation in Bulgaria.  

5th April - National Equal Pay Day in Austria
14th April - Event of BPW UK
14th April - Events of BPW Sweden
15th April - Events of BPW Italy
15h April - Events of BPW Spain