Beginning of Equal Pay Days in Europe


In 2009 we started for the first time to organize Equal Pay Day events in Europe.

BPW Germany had organized the first Equal Pay Day in 2008 and in 2009 at a side event at the CSW in New York BPW International has launched the International Equal Pay Day Awareness campaign. Since then more and more countries and clubs are organizing Equal Pay Day events.



Equal Pay Day Support Documents 2009


alt Facts and information on the Gender Pay Gap


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Einkommensunterschied 2007 - Fact Sheet in German - 2007 Figures
alt European Equal Pay - Wat is dat ? - Information in Dutch - 2010
Equal Pay Day 2010 - Dossier de présentation - France

2009 - Equal Pay Day Presentation

alt Fact Sheet 1 - what is the Equal Pay Day
alt Fact Sheet 2 - awareness raising


In the Media - 2009 L’Equal Pay Day est la date à laquelle, dans un pays donné, les femmes peuvent estimer avoir reçu le même revenu que celui perçu par les hommes au 31 décembre de l’année précédente. En France, la fédération française de l’ONG Business & Professional Women (BPW) l’a fixée au 15 avril.
alt The Network of Business and Professional Women (BPW) said it wanted to focus public attention on pay inequality, claiming that Austrian women must work 73 more days than men, on average, in order to receive the same amount of pay annually for the same work.
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