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European projects to help women at the time of coronavirus 2020

Proud of all of you, dearest Presidents, Chairs and Members of BPW Europe because, despite the coronavirus, you have not stopped working and supporting women in difficulty, due this pandemic and consequent economic crisis.
Your commitment will remain in the history of BPW Europe! Thank you!

Pinella Bombaci
Regional Coordinator of BPW Europe

From the European Parliament

Dear Pinella,

Thank you very much for your kind reply and for sharing the different projects that your members are involved in around Europe to help with this crisis. It is great to see how active the BPW network is.

I will share these initiatives with my colleagues who will also find them interesting. Moreover, if you / your networks post content about these initiatives on social media, please do flag it to us as we will gladly ask our colleagues from the social media team to relay it (they make the final editorial decisions, so I cannot guarantee that they will share it though).

Thank you also for sharing my emails with your networks. I hope that they also find the information useful.

Warm wishes from Brussels,
Murray Shevani