5th BPW Mediterranean Symposium

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19 November 2022, Nicosia Cyprus

On 19th November 2022, the 5th Mediterranean Symposium is taking place at the Royal Hall in Nicosia, hosting some of the most important personalities of the Mediterranean. Women from all over Cyprus and the world meet under the same roof to discuss solutions to common challenges but also to pave the way towards a common goal. To empower female leaders in a new reality. #BPWMediterraneanSymposium #EmpoweringWomen #WomenInBusiness #BPWCyprus

Our panel team, of women leaders in their domain:

Constantina Patsalou, Phyllis Leah Speser and Mel Asare will discuss the challenges, obstacles and rewards when women take leadership roles and careers in Business and Technology. Along with Moderator-Speaker Antonia Michael, panellists will share their experiences concerning the role and position of women in Business and how critical this role is to shape and improve the future.

Women are the vanguards of the future of business. Through diversity of perspective, emotional intelligence, empathy, and the ability to contrive out-of-the box solutions to challenges, women play a critical role in the disruption of the ‘status-quo’. Εsteemed leaders: Natasa Pilides, Khawla Alhaidiri and Viola Edward, with Larisa Miller as moderator & speaker will inspire women to reimagine their way forward, embracing the opportunity to ‘own’ this new era of business, leadership and personal growth.

Join us at the 5th Mediterranean Symposium. Register here: register.bpwcyprus.online/Cyprus

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