The Development of the full potential of women is one of BPW goals. 

Personal Development Programs have been developed and promoted by the BPW International and BPW Europe Task Force Leadership & Lifelong Learning for BPW members and non-members by offering further education, seminars, workshops and presentations.

We now can offer the following programs and trainings: 

The programs are available in different languages and in various countries. If you are interested you can also participate in the two-days trainings in another country, if you want.


The European Task Force Leadership & Lifelong Learning

The European Task Force collects, promotes and develops further education programs from all BPW Europe federations in order to develop women’s professional and leadership potential at all levels, with the belief  that our effort will lead to "Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles".

The taskforce organizes events, trainings, workshops and presents the different programs on request. 


For further information please contact Conny R Montague, Chair of the Task Force Leadershiop and Lifelong Learning, Europe on