Dear BPW Members and Guests,


thank you for your participation  in the XIV European Congress in Sorrrento, 28 – 30 September 2012:

“Empowering Women for Leadership – Womens’ Innovation for a sustainable future.
It was a wonderful congress and we hope that you have been empowered and encouraged.
In Sorrento the new members of the ECC European Coordinating Committee have been elected:
ECC BPW Europe
Alexandra Preuss-Ribaric (Germany), Giuseppa Bombaci (Italy), Sabine Schmelzer (Switzerland), Miette Dechelle (Belgium)

Review of the Congress

BPW Italy has created a wonderful review of the whole congress with many pictures.
Here you can have a look what happened in Sorrento.

We will upload on this website the presentations and documents from the workshops and panel discussions.

Barbara Chiavarino
The European Strategy “Europe 2020”: women’s role and contribution”

Europe 2020 Agenda, Europe 2020 Targets, Womens role

Angela Vernia
Equal Treatment in the Workplace

Johanna Marius, Conny Montague
PEP Personal Empowerment Program