F.I.D.A.P.A. – B.P.W. ITALY- Northwest District – La Spezia

BPW CUP 2016 - CAMEC – LA SPEZIA 17 September 2016 – 16.00 pm

Call for Participation – Opening: 5st August 2016 – Closing: 10th September 2016 at 12 pm



1 - The award, named B.P.W. CUP, has two sections:

a)  Leader section : bestowed on a woman (that is NOT a BPW member), who works and lives according to the dictates of both our Federation and the BPW International.

b)  BPW Young section: a Young BPW member, who has distinguished herself in the profession or in business.

2 - The award:  consist in a statue representing of  the ideals of the femininity, by the artist Marisa Marino of La Spezia.

3 - There will be also an additional “Special Prize of the Jury”.

4 - Leader section:  The candidates must possess proven skills by managing and control in professional / business fields

5 - Young Section : the candidates must be a young BPW Europe members since at least two years and possess a first-rate curriculum stating  the age, profession and/or the activities as YOUNG BPW. Please remember that the maximum age of BPW Young candidates is 35 years.

6 - Jury Special Prize: the jury awards a special recognition at its incontestable judgment.

7 - Requirements for the participation to all categories: support paper to be issued and signed by members of F.I. D.A.P.A. BPW Italy and for YOUNG members by the Presidents of BPW Europe Federations or affiliated Clubs, Project Partners and Institutions and/or partner institutions of the project.
8 - Notification of results and awards’ appointment:  a written notice will be sent
to the award winners by e-mail. The Award will not be given if the winner will not be present at the final ceremony to collect it personally.

9 - Terms:  Opening    5st August       2016

                    Closure    10th September  2016

with the proclamation of the winners, A notice will be sent to them within the next 48 hours by email

10 –Award’s Assignment date:  The Event will take place at CAMEC La Spezia on 17th of September 2016 at 16 pm
11 - The jury is composed of Cristina Rossi,  Marisa Marino, Mirella Barbagli, Giuseppina Pravettoni and Enrichetta Bellini (for the Young category).
12 - Please note that the personal data will be used exclusively for the purpose of this Event under the law 675/96 and subsequent amendments and will be processed accordingly

For more extensive information, please contact Cristina Rossi and Enrichetta Bellini. The candidature papers (curriculum and support paper as per point 7) must be sent to:


Cristina Rossi                           

Enrichetta Bellini Fornera