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Paola RoverioThe Winner 2016 YOUNG BPW CUP is Chiara Mantini - Club San Remo - North West District FIDAPA BPW Italy.

She is an expert in psychology - two doctorates - two university masters - psycoterapy specialization (in process). She is particularly devoted to teen-eager as stated in the paper parchment we handed over. Among other activities she is Publisher and Speakers to conferences.


The award: The very nice sculpture by  La Spezia artist Marisa Marino 


Additionally two excellent  BPW Europe YOUNG has received a special knowledgment: A paper parchment with a relevant dedication

Chiara Mantini


Paola Roverio - San Remo Club FIDAPA BPW Italy

She is the head of a very interesting start-up project "Profession Baby sitter"


Tiziana Paris - BPW Pula - Croatia - she belong to the Italian Minority in Croatia.

Attorney at Law - two Law degrees at Udine University (Italy) Court interpreter for Italian language and coordinator YOUNG BPW Pula.


Please find the relevant enclosures

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I am sure you will appreciate the dedication and the efforts of La Spezia Club and YOUNG BPW JURY to bring forward this important A




   F.I.D.A.P.A. – B.P.W. ITALY- Northwest District – La Spezia

BPW CUP 2016 - CAMEC – LA SPEZIA 17 September 2016 – 16.00 pm

Call for Participation – Opening: 5st August 2016 – Closing: 10th September 2016 at 12 pm

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Chernihiv Club of Business and Professional Women has celebrated its 15th anniversary!

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2014 AWARD

The winner was Ketlin Tackman - BPWI YOUNG BPW Coordinator


2015 AWARD 

The Winner was, as already advise, Anna Giulia Manno - architect - former YOUNG BPW ITALY Coordinator



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Sandrine Basle Bonnet new elected President BPW France


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BPW Europe calls for associate clubs & federations to provide women refugees support to find a job


The human tragedy of thousands of asylum seekers floundering – and dying – in the Mediterranean highlights an unprecedented challenge for Europe.

Women and girls comprise about half of any refugee, internally displaced or stateless population, and they are facing specific particular challenges,  due to their gender roles and position in society.

BPW Europe urges the European level and governments

  • in the long term to promote a comprehensive and sustainable European asylum, refugee and migration policy
  • in the short term to intensify efforts to articulate the humanitarian response and provide security, health and the basic needs to those fleeing persecutions

Refugees have the right to work, and some companies have already offered to help them enter the workplace. Many refugees have a high level of education and professional qualification.

In the spirit of BPW values –solidarity with and economic empowerment of women-, BPW Europe invites associate clubs and federations in Europe to partner with local organizations which are already engaged for the refugees, in order to help women refugees to find a job.

BPW members have varied experience and knowledge of the work market, which could be an enormous added value for women entering the country; they can also teach the language, and coach them to understand the local work place.

Let’s share, we will learn a lot from each other, and contribute concretely to host refugees.


International Theme “ Make a difference through Leadership and action”

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