Equal Pay Day Events 2010


2010 was the second year of the international Equal Pay Day awareness campaign. Several clubs in different countries organized local Equal Pay Day events.


10 March -BPW Tampere and BPW Mikkeli, Finland - Equal Pay Day awareness raising

11 March - BPW Switzerland : National Equal Pay Day

12 March - BPW Ticino, Switzerland: as part of the national Equal Pay Day activities -

conference of Ms Chiara Simoneschi-Cortesi

26 March -BPW Germany - National Equal Pay Day

13 April - BPW Austria Equal Pay Day in Österreich

13 April - BPW Rovigo, Italy - 15:30 - 19:00 - Red Purse Day in Rovigo, NE District

13 April - BPW Chartres, France - Conference on sponsorship and professional equality

14 April - BPW Alicante, Spain - Red Purse Street Demonstration 10:30 to 20:00 Red bags distribution

14 April - BPW Gooi & Eemland, the Netherlands - Equal Pay Day Table d'hôte

15 April - BPW Prague, Czech Republic - Equal Pay Day

15 April - BPW France - Equal Pay Day iParisLille, Tours, Marseille, Chartres, Toulon, Le Mans

15 April - BPW Valencia, Spain -10:00 to 14:00 - Conference at

the Congress Hall of the Entreprises Confederation of Valencia

15 April - BPW Huesca, Spain - Discussion on Equal Pay with Representatives of companies - lunch time

15 April - BPW Tarragona, Spain - Round Table at Radio Tarragona,  Red Bag distribution

15 April - BPW Vicenza, Italy - Equal Pay Day event: Presentation of the Red Purse Campaign

15 April - Clubs of BPW Region Ligura, Italy Noi Ci Saremo, e tu ?

15 April - BPW La Spezia, Italy - Il Giorno della Paarita' Retributiva

15 April - BPW Estonia - Meals for two different prices in cafes and restaurants!

17 April - BPW Orvieto, Italy - Conference - when the existing laws are not enough

20 April - BPW Belgium - Equal Pay Day in Brussels - Conference - Invitation

24 April  - BPW Trento, Italy Conference-Donne & lavoro oggi e domani  - La situazione nel Trentino in Italia e in Europa

7 Mai -  BPW Budapest, Hungary, Equal Pay Day Conference -


Solutions to the Gender pay gap

From January 2010 to February 2010, BPW Cyprus has done a Survey on Equality in the Workplace, with specific emphasis on Equal Pay -

BPW Cyprus developed this action to start work on solutions to the gender pay gap and finaly achieve real pay equality.

The results of this research is available to all online




In the media  - 2010alt

alt Frauen fordern: "Gleiche Chancen, gleiches Geld" Beteiligungsrekord fuer den dritten Equal Pay Day erwartet - Grosse Aktionen am 26. Maerz in Muenchen, Berlin und Hannover - BPW Germany
Scandal regarding Women's Wages' -

Skandal um Frauen-Löhne - VIDEO

Suisse: Mauvaise nouvelle pour les femmes: l'Equal Pay Day recule d'un jour

Idéalement, la date de l'Equal Pay Day devrait se rapprocher au fil du temps du 31 décembre. Cette année, la date a au contraire reculé au 11 mars. En effet, l'écart entre les salaires des hommes et des femmes s'est accentué de 04% entre 2006 et 2008. Il atteint désormais 19,3%.

alt L'écart salarial entre femmes et hommes en Suisse a augmenté de 0,4 point et se situe à 19,3%, Le 11 mars, le Business and Professional Women BPW Switzerland lance l'Equal Pay Day, journée nationale pour rendre visibles les écarts de salaire liés au genre. Signe distinctif ce jour-là: porter un sac rouge.
alt Germany is lagging far behind when it comes to achieving equality for working women. Women earn on average about 23 percent less than their male colleagues. That's higher than the European average of 18 percent, and places Germany fourth to last in the European Union.
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