New Website of BPW Europe launched at the Regional Meeting in Jeju

Before the congress starts each region has a regional meeting for all participants of the region. The room of the regional Meeting of Europe was completely full.


Besides of the report of the Regional Coordinator Sabine Schmelzer and the ECC Secretary Guiseppa Bombaci about the activities and achievements in the last 3 years, all present Federation Presidents informed about the highlights of the last year in their country. This was a good expchange of good practices. The main activity was Equal Pay Day that was organized in 25 countries in our region in 2014.


At this meeting the new BPW Europe website with the new Design was launched:


We thank our Webmaster, Ari Canonica, for his excellent work within the last weeks to finish the relaunch before Jeju.


Sabine SchmelzerGiuseppa Bombaci

Regional Coordinator Sabine Schmelzer and ECC Secretary Giuseppa Bombaci giving their reports.