The 1st Sustainability Report was published in Jeju 2014


b2ap3_thumbnail_SustainabilityReportFrontpage.JPGThe 2011-2014 BPW International Executive decided to produce the first Sustainability Report and agreed that it was time to look at the organisation through the lens of sustainability and look at how we perform and what we are doing for BPW International. Thus, this report was born.  

Covering the activities of the 2011-14 Presidency, this report is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines. This is the recognised global standard. Organisations and business around the world use these to examine and guide their practices.  The mission of the organisation has been used to determine the materiality of this report. While external stakeholders have not been consulted specifically on materiality, the mission is understood by BPW International’s partners, is transparent and the basis for strategic priorities. 


The report is an excellent source to learn more about our international organization, its history and its activities worldwide!