Dear Presidents of BPW Europe,

My name is Karin Raguin and I have been elected as your new BPW European Coordinator at the 28th International Congress in Jeju, Korea.

I would like to thank each European BPW National President for making this happen, and thank past Regional Coordinators – Sabine Schmelzer, Amélie Leclercq & Gabriella Canonica – for their support, and their huge work and dedication to BPW during and after their term. I look forward to working with them.

It is my great pleasure to be leading a strong, diverse and experienced team to meet the exciting future ahead of us.

The ECC - European Coordination Committee - is made of:


  • Pinella Bombaci (Italy), Executive Secretary since 2012
  • Alexandra Preuß (Germany) , Finance Officer since 2012
  • Maria Socratous (Cyprus), elected in April 2014 in Brussels  as our new Young Representative

All together, we want to put BPW Europe at the forefront of gender equality. With all of you, we want to make an impact for women in the workplace:

  • To advocate (Equal Pay Day, United Nations Women Empowerment Principles, …)
  • To empower, prepare & support women leading business.

BPW has a legacy and a solid foundation within Europe (appr. 18 000 members) and there is still potential to grow in:

  • attracting young women
  • promoting women leaders on corporate boards (as voted by the European Parliament in Nov. 2013 and as per our resolution at Congress in Jeju)
  • supporting women suffering from economic violence in countries where the unemployment has peaked

 The European Coordination Committee is currently working on setting up the strategic agenda for the next term, in accordance with national federations’ priorities and needs; these elements will be collected during August & Sept., in order to present the 2014 -2017 action plan at the beginning of October.


Until then, I wish you all a lovely summer,

Warm regards

Karin Raguin
BPW Europe Coordinator (2014 -2017)




Pinella Bombaci (ECC - Executive  Secretary)

Graduated in law, I worked for forty years for the Ministry of Economy and, as Director, I managed the public property of the Italian State, especially the artistic and historical public assets. At the end of my professional career, I taught Administrative Law at the High School of Economics and Finance in Rome.

In the BPW Italy , I have  been  Legislation Committee  Chair , Finance Officer , Vice President, National President. I’m currently ECC Secretary and Chair of international standing Committee Art and Culture.

 Thanks to my great commitment in the work, I have been awarded with the honorific   title of "Commander of Merit of the Italian Republic".

In fact, the work, together with my family, it's always been my great love, first the professional work, now the associative work; and I think that, in the BPW Europe, only a great job, played with competence and passion, will allow us to achieve the dream to have a united Europe: the real wealth of Europe is the diversity of the many countries,both in economic and cultural terms. We, through a great job, must be interpreters of this wealth among us, in international organizations, in institutions all over the world.

It's up to us to join all our European Members in one big hug, to bring the voice of the women around the world!


Alexandra Preuß  (ECC -  Finance Officer)

I have started my working life with a vocational training to be a banker in 1993. In addition to my job at the bank I finished some studies in finance and management. 2004 I left the bank with some colleagues to build up an own business. Since 2004 I have been running my own business as a financial in Frankfurt and Berlin. In Berlin I shared office with a business partner and we are called Preuß & Zielinski. We are associate partner by FiNUM. Private Finance AG. I advise high individual clients in their financial matters. One of my specializations is everything around the stock exchange. 

My membership and my activities at BPW started in 2006 first as a Representative of Young BPW and then as Financial Officer from 2007 to April 2012. Since 2010 I have also been one of the annual accounts auditors at BPW Germany. Now I am the Finance Officer of BPW Europe.

I am campaigning for the aims of BPW Europe as the strongest region within the international BPW network. “Think and act locally, nationally and internationally” as one of the main aims is my motivation.

I hope that I can promote many European projects to reach our aims during my term.


Dr. Maria Socratous  ( ECC -  European Young Representative)

I have graduated in 2004 from the University of Cyprus and I have obtained a BSc in Management/ Marketing. In 2005 I have completed my MA in the University of Surrey, in European Politics, Business and Law and my second master degree in Human Resource Management and Development (MSc) via distance learning through the University of Leicester. I am in the process of completing a doctoral research in Management (PhD) with Heriot Watt University in Scotland. I am employed since February 2007 in the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, as a Tourist Officer, in the Strategy Department.

I am currently the Young BPW Europe Representative and my goal, along with the rest of the ECC members, is to promote and inspire Young BPW members all over Europe and help them fulfill their dreams.

I do hope I will get a chance to meet, if not all, most of you during the upcoming years and please feel free to contact me anytime…I will be very happy to talk to you and assist you with your queries!